After Hours Advice

HELPLINE 01892 543213

We are currently open from 9.00am until 4.00pm

If you have an injured bird or small mammal:

  • Place it in a secure, well ventilated container (cat basket, plastic pet cage or cardboard box) that has a good layer of newspaper in the bottom, together with a rolled up tea towel or some scrunched up kitchen towel for the animal to sit on or hide in. Keep it in a quiet part of the house (bathroom or spare room), not in the garden.

  • Do not put a water bowl in the box as the casualty will only get itself wet and cold. Small birds can be offered a drink, before being placed in the box, by dipping a finger in tepid water and touching the side of the beak; very often they will readily drink one or two drops. Never open a bird’s mouth and drip or squirt water into it, as it is likely to enter the airways and kill it.

  • Mice and other small rodents can be given a small piece of apple to chew and a piece of wholemeal bread or a small amount of wild bird seed.

  • Hedgehogs should be contained in a cat basket or very stout cardboard box in which you have placed an old towel or a good quantity of torn-up newspaper. Again, do not put any water in the basket, but a small amount of cat food might be appreciated. Very few hedgehogs in fact harbour fleas so if possible, place the container in a quiet room (bathroom or spare bedroom), so that if it does get out of its box, it will still be contained.

Check the casualty first thing and call us from 9.00am the following morning.

Out Of Hours Advice For Larger Animals :-

For Badgers:

Badgers Trust Sussex - 07910 198 720
Badgers Trust West Sussex - 01243 825 804
East Sussex Wildlife Rescue Ambulance Service - 07815 078 234
RSPCA - 0300 1234 999
South Downs Badger Protection Society - 07771 912 927
West Kent Badger Group - 01474 703 948

For Deer:

East Sussex Wildlife Rescue Ambulance Service - 07815 078 234
Sussex Police - 0845 60 70 999 (for deer injured in or by the roadside)
Kent Police - 01732 771 055 (for deer injured in or by the roadside)
RSPCA - 0300 1234 999

For Foxes:

The Fox Project - 01892 731 565 (until 5.00pm)
East Sussex Wildlife Rescue Ambulance Service - 07815 078 234
RSPCA - 0300 1234 999

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An adoption pack makes a great gift for a birthday or Christmas (or you can always treat yourself!) and is a very practical way to help hedgehogs in distress.
As well as illnesses and injuries the species is now seriously threatened by loss of habitat and housing developments, increased road traffic and unsympathetic farming practices

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