Adopt A Hedgehog

Every year, Folly Wildlife Rescue admit thousands of injured, orphaned and sick wild animals from across Kent and Sussex, including hedgehogs, badgers, deer, dormice, squirrels, and birds.

Many of these poor creatures are the victims of garden netting, or collisions with cars, while others have been attacked by cats or dogs, have flown into windows, been poisoned or shot, fallen down drains, and even burnt in bonfires – the list goes on and on. Many suffer severe injuries, and it can take months for our dedicated team to bring them back to full health, and return them to the wild.

Our veterinary costs are immense, so to help fund them, Folly Wildlife Rescue operates a wildlife adoption programme, whereby members of the public can sponsor one of the resident disabled animals, and by doing so, help pay not only for the adopted animal’s care, but for the care and treatment of many other, often severely injured animals. In this way, we can help many more casualties, that would otherwise have perished, and then return them to the wild, where they belong.

An adoption pack makes a great gift for a birthday or Christmas (or you can treat yourself!) and is a very practical way to help wildlife in distress. Wildlife in the UK now faces pressure like never before, and needs all the help it can get.

Hetty The Hedgehog

Hedgehog Adoption Pack - 1 Year

Hetty came to us four years ago, having been admitted for a head trauma injury, that was probably sustained by a close encounter with a car. Although she made an amazing recovery, her balance remained affected, and we decided, very sadly, that she wouldn’t cope in the wild.


  • A personalised colour Adoption Certificate

  • A hedgehog Fact Sheet with fascinating information about natural history, diet and hibernation

  • A ‘Help A Hedgehog’ sheet, showing how you can encourage hedgehogs and keep them safe

At the present time and due to Covid 19 restrictions and safety of staff, all Adopt A Hedgehog purchases will be in a digital and downloadable format. All adoptions are for a period of one year.

The "Adopt A Hedgehog Digital Pack" costs £15 and supports the care of injured Hedgehogs in our Wildlife Hospital.
All requests should be made via email to including your name and telephone number.

Previous Successful Rescues

Young Jays

Online Donation

You can make a secure online donation via our Virgin Money Giving page.
Click on the button below and a new page will open with the form and a variety of options with which to pay.
Your kind and generous donation will directly help injured wildlife.

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Regular Donation

It is easy to set up a regular standing order by clicking the CAF image below. You will be taken to The Southern Wildlife Care and Advisory Trust's page on the CAF website where it will take just a few easy steps to set up a standing order by direct debit.

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Invicta Insurance Services

Invicta Insurance Services Ltd offer competitive insurance rates and if you take out an insurance policy with them quoting "Project Hedgehog" they will make a generous donation of £20 to Folly Wildlife Rescue.
In return, you will receive an Adoption Pack for ROSIE THE HEDGEHOG containing a colour certificate, hedgehog beanie, fact sheet and a Folly fridge magnet!

Invicta Insurance Ltd Supporting Folly Wildlife rescue

Easy Fund Raising is a great way to raise money for Folly Wildlife Rescue just by shopping online. You don’t pay anything extra.
All you need to do is use click on the banner below to use our easyfundraising portal. Every time make a purchase from your favourite online retailers using the link below Folly Wildlife Rescue will receive a small payment, with no extra cost to you.

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Amazon Wish List

With the endless stream of wildlife casualties brought in to Folly Wildlife Rescue we are continually looking for stocks of essential items to aid recovery. With the introduction of our new nursery we will be able to cater for even more little babies, and with that comes more expense and that is where you, our supporters, may be able to help.
Our Amazon Wish List is updated frequently with all the essential items we needr. Your support is absolutely invaluable to us and every item purchased is a vital saving for our charity.

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Adopt A hedgehog

An adoption pack makes a great gift for a birthday or Christmas (or you can always treat yourself!) and is a very practical way to help hedgehogs in distress.
As well as illnesses and injuries the species is now seriously threatened by loss of habitat and housing developments, increased road traffic and unsympathetic farming practices

Adopt A Hedgehog

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Corporate Sponsors